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Congrats on the new guitar, what did you get? I quite like this loop btw :D

L-E-R-U-O responds:

I know that's an Ibanez but I don't know the exact reference. What I know is that this is not a really expensive guitar but I like the sound. (tbh I'm not a pro on how all guitars sounds so I don't need an expensive guitar)

Interesting stuff, cool to hear something made with that kind of approach.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, Possibly! Algorithmic composition is really fun.

I like the first minute or so of this most. Like the altered notes and glitching. The middle section sounds a bit at odds with what's gone before, sounds like you were messing with reversing sections and tempo, not a bad thing, but for my taste the first section was strong in its own right and could have been developed further closer to that laid back vibe, it also feels a bit like there was a bit of cut and paste of sections, slightly altered.

I really feel like the first bit was really interesting, some great sounds and unusual textures, - I like the jittering harpsichord too. Saying that, if this was in a game, the middle section would work as further development, and it's not too far off some avant-garde trippy jazz in a cool way.

There's a good sense of sonic space and interest maintained as it goes on too.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review, Possibly! I agree about the somewhat cut-and-pasted nature of the structure. I composed the first 73 seconds significantly before the rest, so I guess I lost a bit of the original sense of direction it was supposed to have. Glad you picked up on the trippy jazz vibe, though. Thanks again for stopping by. ^_^

I like it - lots of interesting textures and variety - I like the high almost percussive synth and there's a nice deep pad hinting of hidden depths. I like the introductory almost harp like arpeggios as well. Would suit a Lara Croft diving for treasure - think you nailed it. Great work.

GreyHooves responds:

Thank ya, and thanks for the theme. I always like underwater style music and it's really fun to make ^^

Awesome job on this, great stuff.

endKmusic responds:

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

Nicely done. It's got a nice narrative quality and builds up in an interesting way. I see what you mean about the looping. It used to be so much better.

Very cool - like a 50's Sci-Fi movie, which is a good thing.

Syrupmasterz responds:

That was the idea. haha
Thanks a bunch!

Interesting stuff. It did feel a bit meandering at times and where there was slightly different contours for the three sections, I'm not sure there was quite enough to distinguish them from one another for me. The joins between the different sections felt a bit as if you could have done more to move between them.

It also felt a bit linear, appreciate you're inspired by fugues but I'd consider looking into a bit more of a call and response between instruments, so one instrument plays one part, and another responds rather than all playing at the same time. So one instrument plays a phrase, the next responds, that can help make the times where they all play together to have a greater impact.

I liked the choice of instruments, and I think the balance was pretty good between them. It had an interesting chiptune meets harpsichord vibe to it as well.

If you take a look at the following - it makes use of one phrase, then another etc, with different tonality, as well as allowing space for the listener. The first one. I'm definitely guilty at times of being afraid to leave a space, but sometimes we need to, in order to allow for greater impact.

Keep up the good work and I hope my review isn't too negative as I liked it but those are just the things that occurred to me.


TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the thorough review! I agree that some of the transitions were weak. The call and response idea is great; I should use that next time. I'll make an effort to listen to more fugues from the pros before I dive into my next composition. :) The review isn't too negative at all! It's all constructive criticism and fair suggestions, which is what I want and need. Thanks again, Possibly! ^_^

The piano piece at the beginning is lovely, and the dissonance is just enough to be interesting but not off-putting and speaks of a sinister underbelly :)

I like the sparse instrumentation in the second movement, and love some ominous harpsichord, the mix maybe felt a bit off at points for me, particularly the spicc/stacc celli (?)which are panned to the right and sit a bit too high in the mix for me.

3rd movement is beautiful and concise and the 4th has a sweeping sense of grandeur and closure.

Cool stuff. Got to give it the full 5 fingered death punch.

Hey, I liked it - I liked the build up and the progression generally throughout the song. I think the lead may be just a touch on the shrill side, but only minimally so. The first minute or so and from about 1:30 to the 2 minute mark were my favourite parts. Good stuff and sorry it's taken me so long to review your stuff.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much Possibly! :D I'm glad you liked the progression - I worked a lot on all those transitions. Yeah, I see what you mean about the shrill lead, though. I'll think about that more in the future...Thanks a lot, though, and don't worry about not reviewing my tracks before. :)


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