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Well, you didn't ask to use my song so you can expect a strongly worded letter from my lawyer ;D I admire the argument put forth in this though, so I guess I'll let it slide for fear of robot reprisals.

EDIT - Just in case it wasn't clear, I was joking :D

Syrupmasterz responds:

Counterpoint; You have been adding 'when do you think you'll be using one of the songs in one of yours vids?' in a few of our emails, so in my eyes using a song of yours that I thought fit perfectly as credit music was to be a welcomed surprise out of the blue. Not to mention our ongoing business relationship and that any issues before continuing our music making-financing endeavors would be easily resolved before a new song was created if there was indeed an issue.

If you TRULY had an issue with me using a song, you'd slam the breaks on the songs in the works and any such progress would be denied until the matter was settled. :P

But yes, going forwards now that I've already surprised you I'll make to to ask beforehand to prevent lawyer-ly letter threats. haha
(thumbs-up motion)

Edit in response to your edit: I was aware you were joking, so I jokingly responded as if I didn't think you were joking on top of being extra concise as to explain my actions...jokingly. :P

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I couldn't do it, so congrats on getting it done :D

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Congrats on the new guitar, what did you get? I quite like this loop btw :D

L-E-R-U-O responds:

I know that's an Ibanez but I don't know the exact reference. What I know is that this is not a really expensive guitar but I like the sound. (tbh I'm not a pro on how all guitars sounds so I don't need an expensive guitar)

Interesting stuff, cool to hear something made with that kind of approach.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, Possibly! Algorithmic composition is really fun.

I like the first minute or so of this most. Like the altered notes and glitching. The middle section sounds a bit at odds with what's gone before, sounds like you were messing with reversing sections and tempo, not a bad thing, but for my taste the first section was strong in its own right and could have been developed further closer to that laid back vibe, it also feels a bit like there was a bit of cut and paste of sections, slightly altered.

I really feel like the first bit was really interesting, some great sounds and unusual textures, - I like the jittering harpsichord too. Saying that, if this was in a game, the middle section would work as further development, and it's not too far off some avant-garde trippy jazz in a cool way.

There's a good sense of sonic space and interest maintained as it goes on too.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks for the review, Possibly! I agree about the somewhat cut-and-pasted nature of the structure. I composed the first 73 seconds significantly before the rest, so I guess I lost a bit of the original sense of direction it was supposed to have. Glad you picked up on the trippy jazz vibe, though. Thanks again for stopping by. ^_^

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Excellent design, I give all the stars!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

thank you so much : )

Very cool - I saw this on FB too a while back, we must be in the same groups. To be fair, when i say 'a while back' all concept of time has gone awry, could have been yesterday for all I

ooh, when will he find his keymaster? Great concept and execution. Gives me weird Giger vibes of things going in other things.

/Anti-Highfive Counter Measure Deployed.

jouste responds:

what!? noooooooo!!

*highfive arm blows off


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